AGPMFP - AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner

AGPMFP - AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner

AGPMFP - AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner


Duration: 4.0 days

What is Agile? Why be Agile in your projects? The future is unpredictable, and with the world and its technology changing ever faster, our projects experience far greater uncertainty on requirements ever than before. Projects that embrace Agile are able to adapt faster, deliver little and often yet remaining business and customer focused. Based on the proven DSDM Agile Project Framework (AgilePF), the Agile Project Manager (AgilePM) manages Agile Projects in organizations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around Project Management, while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile. The AgilePM balances robust governance with a collaborative culture that inspires innovation and improves competitive advantage. AgilePM is the world’s leading certification in Agile Project Management, developed by the Agile Business Consortium and accredited by the examination institute APMG International. This course covers the certification examinations for Foundation and Practitioner. Delegates who have attended the course are eligible for 28 PMI PDUs. This course is provided in partnership with Sapience Consulting Pte. Ltd.


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of DSDM
  • Deep-dive to understand how AgilePM manages projects with a broader focus on the wider business need and solution
  • Learn how to manage projects using AgilePF alongside with other agile approaches
  • Prepare for AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner examinations.


  • DSDM philosophy and principles 
  • DSDM process and practices
  • DSDM roles and responsibilities
  • Project management through the lifecycle including planning and control and risk management
  • Requirements and estimating
  • Quality in DSDM
  • Tailoring the DSDM approach.


This course is intended for business executives, product owners, business analysts, project managers, designers, project members, developers or individuals who want to better understand agile as a delivery approach to improving their projects.


There is no pre-requisite for the course. However, some experience and awareness in project work, as well as product or software development, would be advantageous.


The AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner certification training focuses on those working in a project environment and want to be agile.

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