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2012 - AMA: Data Storytelling & Visualization

Visually and clearly present data and the message it represents. Communicating data and the story of what that data means has become increasingly important in recent years. As attention spans decrease and the amounts of quantitative information increase, it is crucial to be able to visualize your data for your audiences in the most clear and effective ways possible. A chart that takes 10 seconds to understand, compared to one that takes only 2 seconds, could mean the difference between a sale and no sale.
2.0 ngày

1112 - AMA: Data Analysis Fundamentals: A Hands-on Workshop

Make smarter business decisions using these powerful data analysis methods. Are you tired of being under constant pressure to make the right number-based decisions for your organization? Are you too often overwhelmed by an out-of-control flood of data, much of it conflicting and confusing?
2.0 ngày

2030 - AMA: The “Write” Way To Lead: Powerful Tools To Create Impact & Inspire Performance

Develop these executive writing skills to maximize your leadership effectiveness As a leader, do you ever doubt whether your written messages are as effective as they need to be? Have you ever written something you later wish you’d said differently—or even regretted writing? This unique program goes beyond most courses to help you transform your writing into an incredibly valuable tool for inspiring others, gaining their support and trust, and motivating them to excellence. You’ll become a more precise, mindful thinker who can influence and persuade. Gain techniques to help you shape the tone of a message for difficult workplace situations, frame and deliver bad news tactfully via the written word, and write a convincing business case. Apply these skills to craft strategic plans, mission, vision and values statements, proposals, speeches, and any other kind of organizational message.
2.0 ngày

GBE - Grooming and Business Etiquette

Image has an undeniable impact on your company's success. And as your employees serve as ambassadors for your business, the appropriateness of their appearance - even on casual workdays - is crucial. How your employees groom and dress create an immediate, lasting impressions on every client and prospect they meet. Successful people believe their success is attributable to a pattern of mutually beneficial interpersonal relationships, as much as it is due to technical skills or business knowledge. Your communication and the image you present create the first impression - often the lasting impression - on the people you meet. Want a more professional image? How you present yourself is the first step in building that mutually beneficial network of contacts. Overall, professionalism is an attitude - stable, reliable, consistent, polite, business-like - but there are action steps that small businesses can take to ensure the utmost professional experience for all of your customers.

9009 - Effective and Efficient Communication

Learn and practice the best method for delivering your message. Some people seem to be able to say the right thing no matter what the situation. Their ability to navigate through tense discussions opens doors in the business world that may have otherwise closed. During this training program, participants will learn the secrets of communication pros, including building personal credibility, delivering positive and negative feedback, improving listening skills, rephrasing for better relationships, dealing with difficult people, handling negative situations, and more.
2.0 ngày

9013 - High Impact Presentation

The High Impact Presentation Skills Training Program will teach you how to prepare quickly, learn and practice the best method for delivering your message, and maintain audience interest at all times. This is an essential skill that is needed to enhance your managerial skills, create customer satisfaction and develop team synergy. It gives professionals the tools and confidence to design and deliver a clear and concise business presentation.
2.0 ngày

8266 - AMA: Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees

The everything you need to know before you say you're hired seminar. Learn everything you need to know about employee selection in this seminar! Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time and money on recruitment, training and benefits. This fundamentals seminar is your ticket to make the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company's bottom line.

8802 - AMA: Finding Common Ground: How To Overcome Unconscious Bias

Is unconscious bias hurting your team and your organization? Is it having a negative impact on your career or the careers of fellow employees? A crucial step toward an inclusive work environment is developing an awareness and understanding of biases that can unconsciously influence how we work and interact with people. We all have unconscious biases based on our experiences, influences, background, education and even brain chemistry.

2006 - AMA: Advanced Tools and Techniques for Data Analysis

This 2-day advanced analytics seminar will introduce you to predictive analytics techniques, so you can frame strategic and operational questions involving marketing, finance, and operations or other real-world business applications. In this hands-on course, you will cover a variety of analytics tools, such as histograms, ANOVA analysis, A/B testing, Pareto analysis, clustering, box plots, scatter diagrams, partitioning, unstructured text analysis, and multivariate regression analysis. Best of all, no background in statistics or programming is required. As long as you have a basic understanding of spreadsheets, you will learn how to manipulate complex data sets so you can gain insights that are not possible with common business intelligence techniques.
2.0 ngày

2203 - AMA: Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization

It can happen at a moment’s notice: you need to communicate a new idea to senior managers, influence your colleagues to support your proposal or inspire direct reports to make a change. Are you prepared to communicate with anyone in your organization? Do you know how to analyze your audience? Can you frame your message so that people feel connected to you in a corporate setting?
2.0 ngày

2235 - AMA: Building Better Work Relationships: New Techniques For Results-Oriented Communication

In a complex environment, work is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many. Differences are a positive force if you know how to harness them. Your ability to develop good interpersonal skills and create rapport in this environment can make—or break—your career. Get set to step up and become a "conscious communicator." Develop self-awareness, analyze situations, and consciously select and use productive communication strategies. You’ll find your relationship style, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and master the winning tactics to work harmoniously to achieve your goals.
4.0 ngày

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