IT Automation, Containers, DevOps

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IT Automation, Containers, DevOps

IT Automation, Containers, DevOps

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ATC-SREA - SRE for Architects

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a set of principles and practices that supports software delivery - keeping production systems stable and still delivering new features at speed. In this course, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): The Big Picture, you'll get a thorough overview of how SRE works and why it's a good choice for many organizations. First, you'll learn the differences between SRE, DevOps, and traditional operations. Next, you'll discover how engineering practices help to reduce toil and provide more time to focus on high-value tasks. Finally, you'll learn how SRE approaches monitoring and alerting, and about the SRE approach to managing incidents. When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to evaluate SRE and see if it's a good fit for your organization.
3.0 ngày

ATC-MD - Microservices – Developer

The course is designed by App modernization Subject Matter Experts to help you understand concepts of Microservices, understand monotonic application, break the monolithic application into 3 microservices during the class hours. each microservice (MS) will be written in different language (MS1 in .net core, MS2 in python, MS3 in Java spring boot). expose the microservices with kong api and then connect the microservices using messaging bus. You will also learn to containerize your app and run on Kubernetes
4.0 ngày

ATC-CECDP - Cloud Enabled Certified DevOps Professional

The course is designed by Devops Subject Matter Experts to help you understand Devops concepts and work on tools, Github, Jenkins, Sonarqube and Nexus , Docker to create Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipeline which uses jenkins, with sonarqube, nexus , docker, kubernetes and ansible.
5.0 ngày

ATC-DOCKER-INT - Docker Introduction

Docker is an open-source platform for automating the process of building, shipping and running applications inside containers. This instructor-led, live training (onsite or remote) is aimed at engineers who wish to use Docker to deploy and manage software as containers instead of as traditional stand-alone software.
3.0 ngày

ATC-DOCKUB - Docker and Kubernetes

Learn Docker and Kubernetes to deploy, run, and manage containerized applications. The Docker and Kubernetes course provide the foundation of Docker and Kubernetes technologies covered with Controllers Replication, Volumes, Labels, Pods, and many more services. Learners will gain skills in managing and configuring Kubernetes.
3.0 ngày

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