ATC-BLOCKCHAIN-FUN - Blockchain Fundamentals Training Course

ATC-BLOCKCHAIN-FUN - Blockchain Fundamentals Training Course

ATC-BLOCKCHAIN-FUN - Blockchain Fundamentals Training Course


Duration: 5.0 days

This course explains what a blockchain is, where it is currently in use and where it can be potentially used. Learn the basics of blockchain technology to discover why businesses worldwide are adopting it. Your understanding of blockchain for business starts here.


To thoroughly train the delegates on Blockchain Tech.


Issues with a traditional system

History of Block chain

  • A flashback to the 1990s
  • 1990s flashback
  • From tribes to platforms
  • Blockchain and trade
  • The new firm, and the promise of Blockchain
  • An example of the new firm
  • Understanding an example of the new firm

Blockchain and Bitcoin fundamentals

  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • The origin of Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Understanding the origin of Bitcoin
  • UTXO
  • What is the Ethereum network?
  • Understanding the Ethereum Network
  • The technology stack of Blockchain
  • Understanding the tech stack
  • How is the technology evolving?
  • Understanding Blockchain tech evolution
  • Alternative Blockchain like Ethereum, Hyper ledger, and Ripple

Why the Blockchain?

  • How do we represent values?
  • The internet of values
  • Blockchain use cases

What is the Blockchain (and what it’s not)?

  • Three layer model
  • Blockchain design goals
  • Blockchain implementations
  • Blockchain key components

Key Characteristics how Blockchain Operate

Type of Blockchain you can work with

  • What are the different available platforms
  • Which is most feasible platform to work with

Types of Blockchain

  • Permission less (Public)
  • Permission (Private)
  • Consortium

Hash Function

  • Block hash
  • Cryptohraphic hashing
  • How block hashes works in Bitcoin

Bitcoin in details

  • Key concepts of Bitcoin
  • Birth of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin pricing
  • Future of Bitcoin Mining
  • Important dates in Bitcoin History


What is mining?

Types of Mining

  • Solo Mining
  • Pool Mining
  • Cloud Mining
  • Role of Bitcoin Miners
  • What are the different mining algorithm?

Types of Consensus Mechanism

  • PoW
  • PoS
  • PBFT
  • DPOS
  • POA

Value of Blockchain

  • Cryptography
  • Digital Tokens
  • Smart Contracts
  • Birth of Smart Contracts
  • DAO and DAC


  • Symmetric
  • Asymmetric
  • Digital Signature

Limitation and Common Misconceptions

  • Limitations and Misconceptions about Blockchain/Bitcoin


  • Hard Fork
  • Soft Fork
  • Segregated Witness
  • Hard Fork vs Soft Fork


  • Types of Nodes
  • Task of Nodes

Blockchain Demo presentation

  • Demo Ethereum Ecosystem
  • Introduction
  • What is Ethereum?
  • A Short History Lesson
  • Interfacing with Ethereum Networks
  • Metamask Setup
  • Ethereum Accounts
  • Receiving Ether


Technical & Functional


System having Ubuntu operating system for the development and demonstration of Blockchain use cases.


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance

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