ATC-H5C3WD - HTML 5 and CSS3 for Web Developers

ATC-H5C3WD - HTML 5 and CSS3 for Web Developers

ATC-H5C3WD - HTML 5 and CSS3 for Web Developers


Duration: 5.0 days

HTML5 and CSS3 are one of the most important foundations for any aspiring web developers. In this course, we will be focusing on the most common use HTML elements and semantic tags, forms, tables, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid system, media queries and CSS positioning that are found on many beautifully designed web pages. This course is very hands-on and intensive as you would typically encounter when doing real-life projects. You will also be taught on how to deploy your finished project to the cloud at no cost and showcase to people what you have done.


  • Understand the HTML and CSS and how they are applied to create web pages that are the foundation for web developers and the building blocks of every web page.
  • Not only you will learn the theory of HTML and CSS. You also will apply your knowledge by doing projects at the end of the class.
  • Deploying projects to the cloud


  • Module 00 - Welcome
  • Module 01 - Introduction to HTML 5
  • Module 02 - Setting up Development Environment for HTML 5
  • Module 03 - Working with Visual Studio Code
  • Module 04 - Understanding HTML Document Structure
  • Module 05 - Working with HTML5 Common Elements and HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Module 06 - Working with HTML List
  • Module 07 - Working with Images, Video and Audio
  • Module 08 - Working with Tables
  • Module 09 - Working with Web Forms 2.0
  • Module 10 - HTML Project Specification
  • Module 11 - Introduction to CSS3 and The History of CSS
  • Module 12 - Working with CSS Selectors and Pseudo Classes
  • Module 13 - Working with DIV and SPAN
  • Module 14 - Working with CSS Colors
  • Module 15 - Working with CSS Units
  • Module 16 - Working with CSS Typography
  • Module 17 - Working with CSS Box Model
  • Module 18 - Working with CSS Display Property
  • Module 19 - Working with CSS Background Images
  • Module 20 - Working with CSS Positioning and Media Queries
  • Module 21 - Working with CSS Transition, Transformation and Animation
  • Module 22 - Working with CSS Flexbox
  • Module 23 - Working On Deconstructing Web Pages
  • Module 24 - HTML and CSS Project Specification
  • Module 25 - Tell People What You Have Done


  • Anyone who wants to create a website from scratch
  • Anyone who aspires to become a web developer


  • No programming or coding experience needed
  • You should be comfortable using Windows Operating System
  • You should also be comfortable using browsers
  • You must be motivated to learn

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