ATC-RPAUSF - Robotic Process Automation UiPath SAP FICO

ATC-RPAUSF - Robotic Process Automation UiPath SAP FICO

ATC-RPAUSF - Robotic Process Automation UiPath SAP FICO


Duration: 4.0 days

UiPath Training coverage will be for the RPA Developer Role with Foundational to Intermediate level knowledge along-with introduction to advanced topics. Become relevant & build career in ‘Future of Work’


All the topics are applicable for SAP FICO. Special techniques applicable for SAP will be taught. Focus will be on SAP FICO module and the participants will be able to automate SAP FICO processes based on this training.


Module 1: RPA Introduction 

RPA Introduction 

  • What is RPA?
  • How RPA Works?
  • Processes Suitable for RPA
  • RPA Market Size and Growth
  • RPA Development Skills
  • ROI

RPA and AI 

  • AI Technologies and RPA
  • Digital Workforce

RPA Benefits and Use Cases 

  • Benefits of RPA
  • Use Cases

RPA Products 

  • RPA Products
  • Leadership Positions

Product Selection Criteria 

Module 2: UiPath Introduction 

UiPath Introduction 

  • UiPath Software
  • Studio.Robot.Orchestrator.UiExplorer
  • UiPath UI and Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Updating UiPath Studio
  • Chrome & Firefox Extensions
  • Connecting to a Source Control
  • Logging


  • Sequences
  • Flowcharts
  • State Machines

Activities and Packages 
Managing Packages 

Module 3: UI Automation 

UI Elements 

  • About UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Output Methods (Screen Scraping)
  • Relative Scraping


  • About Selectors
  • Selectors with Wildcards
  • Full Versus Partial Selectors
  • UiPath Explorer


  • Recording Types
  • | Basic | Desktop | Web | Citrix |
  • Automatic Recording
  • Manual Recording

UI Automation 

  • Mouse. Keyboard. Find. Control.

User Events 

  • Element Triggers
  • Image Triggers
  • System Triggers

Screen Scraping 

  • Full Text
  • Visible Text
  • OCR

Data Scraping 

  • Semi-Structured / Patterned Data
  • Structured Data / Tabular Data

Module 4: Programming and Data Manipulation 

Data Types 

  • Scalar
  • Arrays and Collections
  • User Defined, Libraries


  • Managing Variables
  • Naming Best Practices
  • The Variables Panel
  • Types of Variables and Using Them
  • GenericValue
  • String, Boolean, Number, DateTime
  • Array, List, DataTable
  • Class Type (.Net Type)


  • Managing Arguments
  • The Arguments Panel
  • Naming Best Practices
  • Using Arguments


  • Importing Namespaces

Control Flows 

  • If | While | Do While | For-Each, Break,
  • Continue | Switch
  • Assign | Delay

Advanced Activities 

  • Parallel Pick
  • Pick Branch 
  • SOAP and REST Services 
  • Integration with Python, Java, VB.NET, JScript 

Data Manipulation 

  • Runtime Data Manipulation 

Error Handling 

  • Try-Catch


  • Debugging a Workflow

Best Practices 

Module 5: Image and Text Automation 

About Image and Text Automation 

  • Virtual Machine / Citrix Environment

Image and Text Automation (Citrix) 

  • Mouse and Keyboard Activities
  • Text, OCR and Image Activities

Module 6: Excel, PDF, Email Automation 

Excel Automation 

  • Excel App Integration vs Workbook
  • Excel Application Scope
  • Read, Write and Append Range
  • Read and Write Cell
  • Build Data Table
  • Read Row

PDF Automation 

  • Native and Image
  • PDF Extracting
  • Large Text Data
  • Read PDF Text
  • Read PDF with OCR
  • Screen Scraping
  • Extracting Specific Elements
  • Get Text 
  • Anchor Base
  • Find Element
  • Find Image
  • Find Relative Element
  • Scrape Relative

Email Automation 

  • Email as Input and Output
  • Email Protocols - SMTP, POP3, Outlook, IMAP, Exchange
  • Mail Activities – Get, Send, Move, Delete
  • Save Attachments
  • Save Mail Message

Module 7: Orchestrator 


  • Control Center
  • Dashboard
  • Provisioning and Deployment
  • Robots and Environments
  • Processes and Packages
  • Jobs and Schedules
  • Queues and Transactions
  • Assets, Alerts, Audit, Logs
  • Users and Roles

Module 8: SAP and Terminal Automation 

SAP Automation 

  • How to Automate SAP Applications (using screen snapshots)

Mainframe and Terminals Automation 

  • How to Automate Mainframe Terminals (using screen snapshots)

Module 9: Advanced Topics 

  • Introduction to RE Framework
  • Introduction to Cognitive Activities
  • Introduction to Process Mining
  • Introduction to RPA as a Service
  • Introduction to Custom Activities
  • Introduction to UiPath Go!


Intermediate to advanced users, business analysts and even developers who need an easy and quick way to create interactive forms that may need to initiate a business process or workflow.


Students should have prior experience of using Office 365.


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance

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