ATC-SBO - SAP Business Objects

ATC-SBO - SAP Business Objects

ATC-SBO - SAP Business Objects


Duration: 5.0 days

SAP BODS is a data processing platform, it is used in extracting data from all types of dissimilar systems, transform it into meaningful information and load it into diverse types of systems. With full visibility into data quality, business users of an organization can observe that how their data measures up against information governance rules and standards. Understand the working and importance of SAP BODS to deliver better solutions during crisis. Our training comprises of Basic data profiling and Query Transform, Platform Transforms Overview, Data Integrator Transforms and many more.


  • Gain the knowledge to participate in implementing, administering, and managing data integration projects  
  • Acquire the basis for more advanced training in Data Quality Services 
  • Gain the ability to troubleshoot batch jobs and set up error handlings 
  • Attain potential to create batch jobs for the data integration


Unit 1: BODS overview
1. Overview of the Data services
2. Data services benefits, associated products, interfaces
3. Data services Architecture on single and distributed environment

Unit 2: BODS Designer concepts
1. Creating the repository (Local, Central repository
2. Exploring the menu options in the designer
3. Creating the project, Job flow, Data flow, Work flows etc., defining different types of Data stores (Source and destination data stores)
4. Use data store and system configurations
5. Defining file formats for flat, Excel, XML files

Unit 3: Batch Jobs
1. Creating Batch Jobs
2. Work with objects
3. Create a data flow
4. Adding the Query transform to the data flow
5. Use target tables
6. Execute the job

Unit 4: Defining Data Integrator Transforms
1. Date Generation Transform
2. Pivot Transform
3. Reverse Pivot Transform
4. XML_Pipeline Transform

Unit 5: Defining Data Platform Transforms
1. Query Transform
2. Case Transform
3. Merge Transform
4. Validation Transform
5. Row Generation Transform
6. SQL Transform

Unit 6: Defining Data Quality Transform
1. Address Cleanse
2. Geocoder

Unit 7: Implementation of SCD
1. SCD Type0

  • Query Transform

2. SCD Type1 o

  • Table Comparison Transform
  • Map_Operation Transform

3. SCD Type2

  • Table Comparison Transform
  • History Preserving Transform
  • Key Generation Transform

Unit 8: Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables
1. Define built-in functions
2. Use functions in expressions
3. Use variables and parameters
4. Create Custom functions
5. Use Data Services scripting language

Unit 9: Data assessment
1. Using the data profiler
2. Using the validation transform

Unit 10: Setting up Error Handling
1. Set up recoverable workflows

Unit 11: Setting up Exception Handling
1. Try/Catch Techniques

Unit 12: IF Conditional

Unit 13: While-Loop Implementation

Unit 14: Capturing Changes in Data

Unit 15: Data assessment
1. Update data over time
2. Use source-based CDC
3. Use target-based CDC

  • SCD Type 2

Unit 16: Multi-User Environment (Local Repo Vs Central Repo)

Unit 17: SAP Integration
1. Data extraction from ECC system to File, Table and SAP BI
2. Data extraction from ECC Extractors
3. Data Extraction from SAP BW
4. ABAP Workflows

Unit 18: SAP HANA and SAP BODS Integration
1. Introduction to SAP HANA
2. Introduction to SAP HANA Studio
3. Create Data Store for SAP HANA
4. Perform the load into SAP HANA
5. Store the data in Column Store
6. Preview the data in SQL console of SAP HANA Studio

Unit 19: Information Steward
1. Data Insight
2. Metadata management
3. Metapedia


  • Project team members with basic knowledge of Data Integration and Data Warehousing concepts  
  • Project Managers and Data Warehousing Consultants who work with data integration


  • Good knowledge in SQL and Data Warehousing concepts  
  • Proficient in basic Unix Commands


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance

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