FT-FWC - FortiWLC Training

FT-FWC - FortiWLC Training

FT-FWC - FortiWLC Training


Duration: 3.0 days

In this three-day class, you will learn how to design, implement, and maintain a basic FortiWLC-based wireless network.

The practical labs will give you hands on experience in configuration, management, and monitoring of the wireless network


After completing this course, candidates will be able to:

  •  Plan a simple, single channel wireless network for a low-to-medium density client environment.
  •  Plan a simple, multiple channel wireless network for a low-to-medium density client environment.
  •  Deploy a controller to an access point and integrate with the underlying wired network.
  •  Publish encrypted and guest wireless networks for use by your users.
  •  Monitor and assess your wireless networks health and capacity.
  •  Perform basic troubleshooting of client connectivity.
  •  Perform day-to-day management of your wireless network.


  •  Introduction to the FortiWLC, single channel and multiple channel wireless networking concepts.
  •  Radio frequency planning.
  •  Plan and design a basic wireless network using single and multiple channels architectures.
  •  Installing and configuring the FortiWLC.
  •  Integrating FortiWLC with the wired network.
  •  FortiAP integration.
  •  Building and broadcasting the wireless networks.
  •  Monitoring the wireless network.
  •  Gathering information for troubleshooting connectivity and performance issues.
  •  Managing and maintaining the wireless network.


  • Anyone who is responsible for the day-to-day management of a FortiWLC-based wireless network.


A good understanding of wired and wireless technology and concepts is required to benefit from this course, such as:

  •  TCP/IP network experience.
  •  Knowledge of OSI layers.
  •  Experience with multichannel-wireless networks.
  •  Experience planning a wireless network with a simulation tool.


There is no certification exam associated with this course.

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