ATC-CCAP - Cobol/CICS Application Programming

ATC-CCAP - Cobol/CICS Application Programming

ATC-CCAP - Cobol/CICS Application Programming


Duration: 5.0 days

CICS Command Level Programming provides an understanding of the CICS system, application environment and typical applications. The structure of CICS pseudo-conversational application programs are discussed and reviewed in detail. The course consists of a series of lectures, discussions and class exercises with hands-on programming sessions.


  • Write, compile, walk-thru, and execute CICS programs
  • Demonstrate the use of major CICS commands
  • Develop user screens utilizing Basic Mapping Support (BMS)
  • Assemble, test, and debug BMS maps
  • Access data in a CICS program from a VSAM file, a DB2 table, a TD queue, a TS queue
  • Compile, debug, and execute CICS programs


CICS concepts and terminology

  • CICS concepts, facilities, components
  • Eight steps in CICS program development

Using Basic Mapping Support (BMS)

IBM 3270 display screen characteristics

  • Coding BMS macros instructions

CICS Command Level programming

  • Program design concepts - Pseudo-conversational
  • Command Level COBOL

Program Design (beyond the basic commands)

The EXEC Interface Block (EIB)

  • Terminal Control
  • CICS File Control commands
  • Exceptional Condition Control
  • Special programming techniques

Program control facilities

'Transfer' to another program (XCTL)

  • 'Link' to a sub-program (LINK)
  • Return control (RETURN)
  • The Communications Area

Test and Debugging

Overview of storage control facilities

  • Transient data queues
  • Temporary storage queues
  • Journaling
  • CICS system tables


CICS Command Level Programming is intended for programmers who must understand the flow of CICS and write and debug CICS COBOL application programs.


  • Six months of experience with TSO/ISPF 
  • Job Control Language (JCL) And MVS Utilities 
  • COBOL Basic Programming

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