ATC-JAVA-FX - JavaFX Training Course

ATC-JAVA-FX - JavaFX Training Course

ATC-JAVA-FX - JavaFX Training Course


Duration: 4.0 days

Javafx Programming is intended for software engineers, systems analysts, program managers and user support personnel who wish to make beautiful UI using the Java programming language.


Using JavaFX to enables developers to design, create, test, debug, and deploy rich client applications that operate consistently across diverse platforms


  • JavaFX vs Swing, SWT, AWT 
  • The History of Java UI Toolkits
  • Java SE UI Toolkits,AWT
  • Java Foundation Classes and the Emergence of Swing
  • Swing,Additional UI Toolkits,SWT,Apache Flex
  • The Way to JavaFX from F3 to JavaFX 8
  • JavaFX Compared to HTML5 and Web-Based Technologies
  • Java-Based Web Frameworks 
  • Installing and Configuring JavaFX and the Development Environment using intellij IDE or Netbeans 
  • Overview of JavaFX Features and Architecture
  • Using JavaFX UI Components basic workflow
  • Introduction to UI controls, charts, HTML content, layouts, CSS, FXML, etc. 
  • Label,Button,ColorPicker, CheckBox, RadioButton, ListView, TextField, PasswordField, Scrollbar, FileChooser, ProgressBar, Slider 
  • Basic of Scene Builder and how to use it to create a simple FXML
  • Handling events,Adding Effects, Animation, and Incorporate Media 

Exercise : Creating a Hello world Application button click and Create a media player and stop watch to understand the basic workflow of javafx. UI/UX Design ,Animation And Material design 

  • MVC Paterrn
  • Import Jfoenix - Material Design Library 
  • Open a new javafx project 
  • Add CSS styleshee 
  • Design splash and login screen with different approaches 
  • Design signup screen with different approaches including video,static or animated screen fade out animation,slide in or out animation ?creating a Table management screen with JFXTreeTableView with options of ADD,DELETE,EDIT,CLEAR
  • Making Customized Toast,JFXSnackbar,Line Chart,Customized Alert,Pie chart,Barchart Exercise : Creating a simple demo application which will show how we can use all the different design approaches Modern Interface in Javafx 
  • Material Dialog box with Emoji Expressions like Laugh, Love, Angry
  • Making a Ripple Background 
  • Sliding menu with different options 
  • Stepper Touch on hitting + and - sign 
  • Recycler View 
  • Navigation Drawer with material desing 
  • Floating Action Menu 
  • Arc animator 
  • Layout Dialog 
  • Using javaFx animation like Fade in and out 

Exercise : Creating a simple demo application which will show how we can use all the different design approaches and create a simple webapp.

Diving deep in JavaFx 

  • How to print reports using Jasper report 
  • How to setup database connection
  • How to use map in javafx
  • Creating a webapp and diving deep in CSS 
  • How to use Firebase with java
  • How to get data from server
  • How to parse JSON file in java
  • How to download large files and save it in your PC
  • How to use MYSQL Database

Exercise : Connect Java with Firebase web services and build a movie application Using Openjfx Libraries and learning the basics of a Image editor Photopea 

  • Basic design using photopea its shortcut and understanding how we can do small edit and design 
  • Using Openjfx 
  • FlexGanttFx : A library for rendering Gantt charts in JavaFx
  • Glucon Maps : Tiles based Geo-location map framework 
  • CalendarFx : A java framework for creating sophisticated calendar views 
  • FormsFX : A framework for easily creating forms for a javaFX application 
  • FXGL : JavaFx Game Engine

Exercise : 

1. Make small apps with the libraries of Open 
2. Integrating what we have learned and making Uniworks demo app different approaches


Desktop/Mobile/Touchscreen Application developers and web app developer


Knowledge of Java, previous web development experience will be helpful

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