D93501 - Oracle BPM 12c: New Features

D93501 - Oracle BPM 12c: New Features

D93501 - Oracle BPM 12c: New Features


  • Describe the new features of Oracle BPM 12c
  • Understand how, when and why to use the new features of Oracle BPM 12c
  • Use the new features of Oracle BPM 12c to become more productive as a developer



  • Review of the BPM Suite layered over the SOA Suite
  • Introducing Business Architecture projects
  • Understanding the Quick Start installation for developers
  • Overview of new features in BPM 12c

Creating Business Architecture Projects 

  • Creating spaces and adding participants in Business Process Composer 12c
  • Using Enterprise maps, strategy models and value chains
  • Creating and using Business Architeture projects with Oracle Business Process Composer
  • Linking BPM projects to Value Chain steps in BA projects
  • Generating report data and displaying reports in BA projects

Oracle Business Process Composer 12c 

  • Creating and editing BPM projects in Oracle Process Composer 12c
  • Using the new Narrative view in Oracle Process Composer 12c for documentation and editing
  • Running process reports
  • Using the new documentation features of Oracle Business Process Composer 12c

Collaborating on BPM 12c Projects 

  • Understanding collaboration capabilities among Process Composer 12c users
  • Setting user privileges for BPM projects
  • Sharing projects using the new Process Asset Manager (PAM)
  • Creating PAM connections in BPM Studio
  • Understanding collaboration capabilities between BPM Studio users and Process Composer users
  • Validating BPM projects
  • Publishing BPM projects
  • Importing and exporting process models

Verbal Rules

  • Review the Oracle Business Rules component in BPM Suite
  • Creating and using new Verbal Rules
  • Creating and using Business Phrases
  • Understanding how Verbal rules differ from General rules

Playing the Process 

  • Understanding the capabilities of the enhanced Process Player in BPM 12c
  • Enabling the Process Player
  • Mapping users and groups to process roles
  • How to play a BPM project with multiple processes or multiple process instances

Monitoring the Process

  • Using built-in measures and dimensions
  • Configuring sampling points
  • Leveraging the Process Monitor Dashboard in Business Process Workspace
  • Creating and using custom business indicators
  • Assigning values to business indicators

Creating Real-Time Dashboards Using BAM 

  • Understanding the new built-in BAM dashboards for monitoring BPM processes
  • Using the new BAM Composer web application
  • Creating and configuring a custom BAM dashboard
  • Using default and custom process and data objects for BAM dashboard projects

Appendix A:Surfacing KPIs in Business Architecture Reports

  • Linking an Enterprise Map to a BPM process
  • Creating Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data objects in BPM projects
  • Creating a rollup KPI in a Value Chain step
  • Generating and displaying rolled-up KPIs in a Process Criticality Report


  • Analyst
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Implementer


Suggested Prerequisite

  • SOA Adoption and Architecture Fundamentals Ed 1
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Build Composite Applications Ed 3
  • CDT Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Administration
  • Knowledge of Business Architecure Concepts
  • Experience using BAM 11g

Required Prerequisite

  • Oracle BPM 11g: Implement the Process Model Ed 3
  • Experience with modeling and implementing Oracle 11g BPM Projects
  • Experience with JDeveloper BPM Studio
  • Experience using Oracle Business Process Composer


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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