TMCM - Trend Micro™ Control Manager 7.0

TMCM - Trend Micro™ Control Manager 7.0

TMCM - Trend Micro™ Control Manager 7.0


Duration: 1.0 day

Trend Micro™ Control Manager™ 7.0 Training is a 1-day Certification & Training course where participants will learn basic architecture and deployment, processes for installing and configuring key settings, agent registration functions, operation center tasks, product directory and policy management, Trend Micro Connected Threat Defense integration, as well as ongoing threat management tasks including events, logs and reporting. Many hands-on exercises are also included and designed to enforce key concepts and methodologies, as well as best practices that users should know for a successful implementation and long-term maintenance of Control Manager.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify key features and functionality of Trend Micro Control Manager 7.0

  • Describe Control Manager's system architecture and components it uses

  • Install, upgrade and deploy Control Manager with its network agents

  • Describe how Control Manager Agents are registered, migrated, uninstalled

  • Manage user accounts, groups, and perform common administrative tasks

  • Explain the Operations Center basic command flow

  • View compliance status and critical threat information using Report Lines or Sites

  • Create and manage policies to enforce product settings for managed products

  • Use Data Loss Prevention policies

  • Setup a connected threat defense solution with Control Manger to detect emerging malware

  • Generate customized log queries to view different threat and system events for managed products

  • Analyze event information, and generate various on-demand and scheduled threat reports


1. Architecture

  • On-Premise and SaaS

  • Control Manager Components

  • Control Manager Communication Ports

2. Installing Control Manager

  • Hardware and Networking Requirements

  • Deployment Models

  • Installation Logs

3. Installing Agents and Registering Products

  • Registering TMI and MCP Agents

  • Registering WSI/SCO Agents

  • Single Sign-On

4. Administration

  • Account Management

  • User Roles

  • Command Tracking

  • Event Notification

  • License Management

  • Updating Control Manager Components

  • Configuring System Settings

5. Product Directory Management

  • Planning the Product Directory

  • Configuring Managed Products

  • Performing Product Tasks

6. Control Manager Operations

  • Operation Center Overview

  • Active Directory Settings

  • Compliance Indicators

  • Grouping Endpoints

  • User/Endpoint Management

7. Policy Management

  • Creating and Deploying Policies through Control Manager

  • Data Loss Prevention and Data Discovery

8. Detecting Emerging Malware with Connected Threat Defense

  • Connected Threat Defense Requirements

  • How Connected Threat Defense Works

  • Subscribing to Control Manager for Suspicious Objects

  • Synchronizing Suspicious Objects

9. Logs and Reporting

  • Log Query

  • Log Types

  • Performing Log Queries

  • Generating Reports

What's New in Control Manage


This course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for protecting networks from any kind of network, endpoint, or cloud security threats.

The individuals who will typically benefit the most include:

  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Support Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Solution and Security Architects


Before you take this course, Trend Micro recommends that you have a working knowledge of their products and services, as well as basic networking concepts and principles.
Experience with the following products and technologies are also necessary:

  • Windows® servers and clients
  • Firewalls, web application firewalls, packet inspection devices
  • General understanding of malware and advanced cyber threats


This training is not included in the Trend Micro Certified Professional track and therefore,participants are not required to complete an examination for this course.

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