TMTPSS - Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Solutions 1.0 Training for Certified Professionals

TMTPSS - Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Solutions 1.0 Training for Certified Professionals

TMTPSS - Trend Micro TippingPoint Security Solutions 1.0 Training for Certified Professionals


Duration: 3.0 days

Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ Security Solutions 1.0 Training for Certified Professionals is a three-day, instructor-led Certification & Training course that teaches the concepts and best practices necessary for installation, configuration, security management, and system administration of TippingPoint solutions . Through interactive lectures and hands - on activities, students will learn to implement the inspection device and the Security Management System (SMS).


Upon completion of this course, students will acquire knowledge of Tipping Point solutions, including:

  • Trend Micro Threat Research and TippingPoint solutions Inspection device set up and configuration SMS set up and configuration
  • Inspection device management
  • Security profile management Traffic management and bypass rules
  • Quarantine
  • SMS events and reports SMS dashboard Maintenance and performance
  • Best practices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cloud networking protection


Introduction to Trend Micro and TippingPoint

  • Trend Micro overview
  • Tipping Point solutions overview
  • Trend Micro Threat Research

Product Overview

  • TippingPoint inspection device platforms
  • SMS features and functionalities
  • Common deployment scenarios

Inspection Device Set Up

  • Introduction to License Manager
  • Device set up: out box experience
  • Local Security Manager (LSM) introduction

Security Management System

  • Set up and basic configuration
  • Communication settings
  • Threat insight portal
  • SMS management

Inspection Device Management

  • Device configuration
  • Network configuration and high availability
  • TippingPoint Operating System (TOS)

Security Profile Management

  • Digital Vaccine (DV)
  • Profile versioning, rollback and auditing
  • Profile search
  • Managing multiple profiles

Traffic Management and Bypass Rules

  • Flow based vs. non-flow based DV filters
  • Traffic management filters
  • Inspection bypass rules


  • Blocking vs. thresholds
  • Quarantine considerations

SMS Events and Reports

  • SMS event management
  • SMS reports

SMA Dashboard

  • SMS dashboard customization
  • Geo locator database

Maintenance and Performance

  • Analyze system health details
  • Inspection tier stats

Best Practices

  • System architecture
  • Deployment considerations
  • System administration


  • Analyze system health details
  • Inspection tier stats

Cloud Network Protection

  • What is cloud network protection?
  • Deployment models


This course is designed for security and IT professionals who are responsible for protecting networks from any kind of network, endpoint, or cloud security threats. The individuals who will typically benefit the most, include:

  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Support Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Solution and Security Architects
  • Technical Account Managers


There are 110 prerequisites to attend this course, however, a working knowledge of Trend Micro products and services, as well as an understanding of basic networking concepts and principles will be helpful.

Basic knowledge of the following topics is beneficial:

  • Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems Network switching and routing
  • Firewalls and packet inspection devices
  • Virtualization technologies, with emphasis on VMware other Trend Micro solutions


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