5535 - AMA: Strategic Sales Negotiations

5535 - AMA: Strategic Sales Negotiations

5535 - AMA: Strategic Sales Negotiations


Duration: 2.0 days

Today’s purchasers are more attuned to the “real value” of what they’re buying.

Discover how to influence them and improve your profits! Regain the seller’s advantage over today’s more sophisticated purchaser with the help of this strategic sales negotiation training. Learn the tools, techniques and savvy sales negotiation tactics that enable you to influence your buyer’s perception of cost, value and benefits. Close the sale by maintaining a flexible position that successfully counters your buyer’s negotiating moves


  • Understanding the sales negotiation process from both perspectives—yours and the customer's
  • Differentiating between selling and negotiating
  • Using powerful sales negotiating/planning tools
  • Addressing aggressive buyer demands face-to-face
  • Developing stronger client relationships through win-win negotiations
  • Applying strategies to favorably influence the four primary negotiating styles
  • Creating a motivational climate for your buyer


Role of the Professional Salesperson

  • Understand the Difference Between Manipulative Selling and Consultative Selling
  • Be Aware of Key Sales Responsibilities of Professional Salespeople

Role of the Buyer Defined

  • View the Sales Negotiation Process More Objectively from the Customer’s Viewpoint
  • Understand the Concept of Selling Profitable Deals More Fully
  • Analyze the Financial Aspects of a Deal
  • Be More Aware of Your Perceptions of the Sales Negotiation Process
  • Build a Stronger Foundation for Selling to a Sophisticated Buyer
  • Become Familiar with Common Ploys and Countermeasures Used in Sales Negotiations

Role of the Professional Salesperson Redefined

  • Understand a Typical Buyer’s Motivation in Most Situations
  • Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition
  • Become More Aware of the Consultative Sales Process
  • Understand the Difference Between Selling and Negotiating
  • Understand the Importance of Selling First, Negotiating Last
  • Handle Premature Negotiation Pressure from the Buyer
  • Know When and When Not to Negotiate

The Sales Negotiation Process

  • Identify Elements of an Offering
  • Identify Negotiating Chips
  • Assess and Define Negotiating Authority
  • Create Value, Which Offsets the Need to Make Concessions
  • Understand the Value of Maneuvering Room, Concession Planning, and Planning

Using Powerful Sales Negotiation Planning Tools

  • Understand the Process of Establishing Settlement Ranges in Advance
  • Understand the Concept of Planning for Concessions
  • Become Familiar with the Sales Negotiation Planning Instrument
  • Become Familiar with a Format for Providing Feedback on the Sales Negotiation Process

A Sales Negotiation Exercise

  • Develop Settlement Ranges
  • Identify Negotiation Chips
  • Plan Concessions
  • Complete the Sales Negotiation Planner
  • Recognize the Importance of Planning
  • Evaluate the Sales Negotiation Process More Fully

Win-Win Sales Negotiations

  • Determine If a Sales Negotiation Was a Winner for Both Sides
  • Avoid Many Critical Mistakes in Sales Negotiations
  • Understand the Importance of Following Through After the Negotiation Is Completed
  • Understand Your Own Effectiveness in Sales Negotiations
  • Develop a Plan to Improve Your Sales Negotiation Effectiveness

Power and Position in Sales Negotiations

  • Evaluate Relative Strategic Positions of the Parties to a Sales Negotiation
  • Understand Fundamental Strategies for Various Power Positions
  • Become Aware of Different Sources of Real and Perceived Power

Increasing Your Personal Power in Sales Negotiations

  • Identify the Four Primary Negotiating Styles
  • Understand the Primary Goals and Fears That Motivate Each of the Four Styles
  • Apply Basic Strategies to Favourably Influence Each of the Four Styles
  • Be More Effective in Persuading Buyers Who Are Different from You

Case Study: Negotiating a Mutually Profitable Win-Win Sale

  • Develop a Greater Appreciation for the Importance of Internal Negotiations
  • Gain Additional Experience in Developing Settlement Ranges
  • Gain Additional Experience in Identifying Negotiating Chips
  • Gain Additional Experience in Planning Concessions
  • Gain Additional Experience in Completing the Sales Negotiation Planner
  • Become More Effective in Sales Negotiation Planning
  • Influence Buyer Behaviour More Purposefully
  • Evaluate Your Personal Performance More Fully

Tips for Achieving Success as a Sales Negotiator

Become More Aware of Key Elements That Lead to Success in Sales Negotiations

Using Powerful Sales Negotiation Planning Tools

Understand the Process of Establishing Settlement Ranges in Advance


Sales professionals, sales managers, account executives, contract negotiators and anyone involved in negotiation processes and would benefit from this sales negotiation training.


While there are no direct pre-requisites, here are some of the benefits realized of this course :

  • Discover through sales negotiation training how to improve sales margins and closing ratios
  • Influence how customers view your product’s costs, benefits and value to them
  • Anticipate buyer behavior and turn it into an advantage
  • Establish your credibility with the buyer
  • Develop confidence-building skills that maintain your control of sales negotiations
  • Be ready to justify your price when meeting price specifications
  • Use creative advantages to counter competitive offers


This course is not associated with any Certification.

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