ATC-AF - Artificial Intelligence Foundation (Sapience)

ATC-AF - Artificial Intelligence Foundation (Sapience)

ATC-AF - Artificial Intelligence Foundation (Sapience)


Duration: 3.0 days

AI has applications across every sector, including healthcare, automotive, finance, advertising, government and military. In financial services for example, AI is used to organize operations, invest in stocks, monitor behavioral patterns to reduce fraud and crime, and increase overall efficiency

APMG and BCS have developed the Foundation Certification in Artificial Intelligence, enabling individuals to develop their understanding of the fundamentals of AI and associated benefits and risks.

Accredited training and certification will help individuals to understand:

  • The different types of AI and associated terminology, principles and benefits 
  • The basic process of machine learning (ML) 
  • The future of AI in the workplace - Human and machines together 
  • The challenges and risks associated with AI implementations including ethical considerations 
  • How to stay ahead of the curve with people that know how to exploit innovative technology 
  • Starting AI: how to build a Machine Learning toolbox in theory and practice


Learn the general principles of AI, its potential implications and capabilities and how to assess AI products and services from multiple angles. You will gain a broad understanding of:

  • Ethical and sustainable human and artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence and robotics Applying the benefits of AI - ch
  • allenges and risks 
  • Starting AI: how to build a Machine Learning toolbox - theory and practice The management, role and responsibilities of humans and machines


  • Human and Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Sustainability – Trustworthy AI 
  • Sustainability, Universal Design, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligent Agents and Robotics
  • Being Human, Conscious, Competent and Adaptable
  • What is a Robot?
  • Applying the Benefits of AI – Challenges and Risks
  • Applying the Benefits of AI –Opportunities and Funding
  • Building a Machine Learning Toolbox

        o How Do We Learn From Data? Types of Machine Learning Two Case Studies Introductory Probability and Statistics
        o Introductory Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus
        o Visualizing Data

  • A Simple Neural Network Schematic Open-Source ML and Robotic Systems Machine Learning and Consciousness The Future of Artificial Intelligence –The Human + Machine 
  • Learning From Experience – Agile Projects


The following roles would all benefit from learning AI:

  • Engineers 
  • Scientists
  • Professional research managers Chief technical officers 
  • Chief information officers Organisational change practitioners and managers 
  • Business change practitioners and managers 
  • Service architects and managers Program and planning managers Service provider portfolio strategists / leads 
  • Process architects and managers Business strategists and consultants Web page developers


There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Yes (Recommend sitting the examination at the end of the 3rd day or as a web-based examination after the course)

Examination Institute / Accreditor

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