NSXTD24 - VMware NSX-T Data Center: Design [V2.4]

NSXTD24 - VMware NSX-T Data Center: Design [V2.4]

NSXTD24 - VMware NSX-T Data Center: Design [V2.4]


Duration: 5.0 days

This five-day course provides comprehensive training on considerations and practices to design a VMware NSX-T™ Data Center environment as part of a software-defined data center strategy. This course prepares the student with the skills to lead NSX-T Data Center design offered in the NSX-T Data Center 2.4 release, including design principles, processes, and frameworks. The student gains a deeper understanding of NSX-T Data Center architecture and how this can be leveraged to create solutions to address the customer’s business needs.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Understand and apply a design framework 
  • Apply a design process for gathering requirements, constraints, assumptions, and risks 
  • Analyze existing physical networking and security components, processes, and operations 
  • Design a VMware vSphere virtual data center to support NSX-T Data Center requirements 
  • Design a physical network to support network virtualization in a software-defined data center 
  • Design logical network services 
  • Design logical security services 
  • Design a data center rack solution to support scalability and high availability
  • Analyze the operational readiness of an organization and perform a skills gap analysis 
  • Analyze alternative design choices for risk mitigation 
  • Understand the design and support for NSX-T Data Center infrastructure in a cloud implementation


1 Course Introduction

  • Introductions and logistics 
  • Review course objectives

2 Basic Design Concepts

  • Process and principles of design 
  • Understand the design process and frameworks 
  • Understand VVD and its importance

3 NSX-T Data Center Architecture and Components

  • NSX-T Data Center introduction and architecture 
  • NSX-T Management Cluster 
  • NSX-T use cases

4 NSX-T Data Center Design Considerations

  • Physical infrastructure design 
  • Virtual infrastructure design 
  • Collapsed management and Edge resources design 
  • Dedicated management and Edge resources design 
  • Bridge design considerations

5 Logical Switching Design

  • NSX-T logical switching 
  • Traffic flooding

6 NSX-T Data Center Edge Design

  • Edge VM design 
  • Edge BareMetal design 
  • Edge cluster design

7 Logical Routing Design

  • Logical router components 
  • Multi-tier routing 
  • IPv6 addressing and routing 
  • Multicompute workload domain design consideration 
  • High availability and router placement

8 NSX-T Data Center Network Services

  • NAT, Proxy ARP, DHCP, and metadata proxy 
  • Load balancer 
  • VPN

9 NSX-T Data Center Security Design

  • NSX-T Data Center distributed firewall 
  • NSX-T Data Center distributed firewall 
  • NSX-T Data Center gateway firewall 
  • Security policy methodology

10 NSX-T Data Center Multisite Design

  • Multisite capabilities 
  • Deployment for Multisite Lite 
  • Multisite Lite failover procedure 
  • Multisite Lite DR requirements 
  • HCX 
  • Integration with Cloud Provider

11 NSX-T Data Center and Containers

  • NSX-T Design with PKS and PAS introduction 
  • NSX-T Design with VCF and containers


Experienced system administrators or network administrators


  • Good understanding of TCP/IP services 
  • Working experience with enterprise switching and routing 
  • Good understanding of network security and working experience with firewalls

It is recommended that you attend the following course:

  • VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage[V2.x]

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