TASICM - VMware Tanzu Application Service: Install, Configure, Manage

TASICM - VMware Tanzu Application Service: Install, Configure, Manage

TASICM - VMware Tanzu Application Service: Install, Configure, Manage


Duration: 4.0 days

This 4-day course provides administrators and operators with the theoretical understanding and hands-on experience needed to manually install and manage the Tanzu Application Service (TAS). The course begins with an introduction to BOSH, and how to use it. This builds the foundation for installing Ops Manager and the Tanzu Application Service, configuring users, roles, and quotas, and setting up the platform for logging and monitoring. Upon completion of this course, participants will have the skills necessary to go from setup through maintenance of their organization’s cloud platform.


By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Understand a BOSH release and how a BOSH deployment is used 
  • Understand the BOSH architecture and how it enables Pivotal Platform 
  • Understand the Tanzu Application Service architecture and how it impacts developers 
  • Install Tanzu Application Service 
  • Create users and assign roles 
  • Manage org and space quotas 
  • Monitor Tanzu Application Service 
  • Use BOSH to explore, troubleshoot and deploy releases


1 Pivotal Platform

  • Deploy an app to TAS


  • Introduction to BOSH 
  • Deploy a simple release 
  • Inside the VM 
  • Persistent Disks 
  • Patch the OS 
  • Upgrade Nginx

3 Advanced BOSH

  • Deploy a distributed system 
  • Deploy Concourse 
  • CredHub 
  • Troubleshooting Concourse Deployment 
  • Concourse Day 2 Operations

4 Before we PAS

  • Set up a jumpbox

5 Platform Infrastructure

  • Pave the IaaS 
  • Deploy ops manager 
  • Deploy BOSH director

6 Install the Platform

  • Deploy Tanzu Application Service 
  • Install Healthwatch 
  • Install MySQL

7 Administration tasks

  • Orgs, spaces, roles, and quotas


Administrators responsible for the installation, configuration and management of a Pivotal Platform installation.


  • Experience using the Linux command line interface. 
  • Access to Google Cloud via browser and command line. 
  • Completion of a Platform developer course is preferred, but not required.

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